SMX-West-2013-headshot3Hi, I’m Pamela Parker. I’ve been involved in the internet marketing and social media world  – as a journalist, as a writer, or as an employee of a media business start-up helping independent publishers and world-class marketers — for more than 10 years.

Before there were blogs, beginning back in 1995, I developed a hand-coded Web site (now lost to the sands of time) where I published poetry, essays and art.



Here are some excerpts of what I’m writing about at The River, my media & marketing blog.



The “Can I do a guest post on your site?” emails are arriving fast and furiously, and may have reached its peak with this that came in today: Hello, Hope you are doing great!!! We have a unique, genuine and good quality content for your site - which needs to be published on your Site. We promise you that Once this content is published we will not share with any other blogger. Please let us know if we can send the article to you for review. Uh… no thanks. Does this really work? The post How NOT To Do Content Marketing appeared first on The River. [...]
Wed, Jul 23, 2014
Source: The River
Every once in a while, I’ll hear from a friend or family member that they’re mourning the loss of their precious smartphone. What’s worse, they’re often wrecked because of all the data — emails, pictures, contacts, etc. — that has disappeared when the phone got lost, dropped or wet. We are way beyond that, people. We are living in the future. There is absolutely no reason for you to lose important data — or at least not that much of it. If you’re one of these people, let me enlighten you. Techie folks, please know that I’m trying to make this as simple as possible for those who NEED this info. For iPhone Users Chances are, if you’ve got an iPhone, you’ve also got an Apple ID and a free iCloud account with 5GB of storage. What this does, basically, is back up your phone data — when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, plugged in, and your screen is locked, anyway. So, no worries, right? Wrong. If you’re like me, you’ve gotten an error message that says: “This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available.” Bummer! The first line of attack here should be customizing what’s being backed up in [...]
Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Source: The River
I found this super useful if also very complicated. Courtesy of: The post An Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizes (Until They Change it Again) appeared first on The River. [...]
Wed, Jun 25, 2014
Source: The River
I started this mini-series with a look at how to spread things out more easily using standard (though outdated) HTML list tags. Now, a look at my secret weapon — fake lists. It looks like a list, but it isn’t a list at all. By the way, these tips are meant for folks who aren’t on intimate terms with CSS or are working on sites where they don’t have access to the CSS — there may be more elegant ways to accomplish this stuff, but I’m no designer/coder. So, first, let’s look at the problem we’re trying to solve: (Note: I’m using an example from George Aspland’s recent Marketing Land column, so be sure to check it out.) The above doesn’t look terrible, but, for my taste, it’s kind of bunched up. I’d like some spaces between the bulleted items. And, in some cases, I’d like to break up the bulleted items into multiple paragraphs. It’s just easier to read with a bit more space. So, what I do — and this may or may not work depending on how your CSS is set up with regard to the display of blockquotes — is cheat. Rather than make an unordered list, I enclose all the to-be-bulleted [...]
Mon, Mar 31, 2014
Source: The River